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Firma BG is a specialized law and accounting firm, offering a large number and diverse services related to the activities of companies of various types, as well as non-profit structures such as foundations and associations. You can count on the team of Firma BG for registration of your company, regardless of its legal status. If you want to establish a capital company or register a sole trader, our office will do it in the fastest and most trouble-free way.

We offer a wide range of services related to registration of companies, entry of documents and circumstances in the Commercial Register, protection of intellectual property, tax planning, registration of companies in foreign jurisdictions, VAT registration of companies, opening of company bank accounts, publication of annual financial statements, subscription accounting services and consultations, as well as other legal and accounting services related to the activity performed by traders and non-profit legal entities.

Types of activities


Everything related to the Commercial Register


Much of our professional activity is related to the Commercial Register. Entries of new companies, as well as various changes in the circumstances of existing ones are performed there, such as:

  • Change of an address of management and headquarters;
  • Change of managers;
  • Transformation of capital companies;
  • Sale and transfer of company shares;
  • Change in a company's capital;
  • Deletion and liquidation of companies;
  • Preparation of a new Memorandum of Incorporation, etc.

Protection of the intellectual property


This part of our services covers a large number of procedures related to the protection of the intellectual property, including:

  • Trademarks registration;
  • Copyright protection;
  • Registration of patents, industrial designs, etc.

This type of service requires work with the Patent Office and knowledge of specific regulations and procedures. We have experts in this field who will bring each operation to a successful end.

Tax planning


This category of services includes the expert intervention of Tax Law specialists and accountants with many years of experience. We aim with it to help a large number of individuals and corporate clients to reduce their tax burden through legal steps so as to save unnecessary costs. This part of our services aims to help customers properly manage their personal and corporate finances.

Registration of companies in foreign jurisdictions


We have in our team proven specialists in the international trade relations. With their help, you can incorporate a company based in another country or a Bulgarian structure operating in the international markets. This category of services includes registration of companies in offshore areas as well as establishment of joint international companies within the EU or outside the community.


Subscription accounting services and consultations


Thanks to a large team of experts in accounting we can offer you a full range of accounting services related to the bookkeeping and suitable for both individuals and companies of various types. This type of services can be both one-time and subscription, including preparation of annual tax returns, publication of annual financial statements, etc.



Company registration in Bulgaria


Firma BG offers registration of your company or opening of its representative office (branch) in Bulgaria. We will consult you and determine according to your economic needs the most optimal under the Bulgarian legislation legal organizational form of your company. We will prepare the Memorandums of Incorporation, represent you in the procedure of registration of the commercial company, open company bank accounts at a bank of your choice, submit an application to the tax authorities for the issuance of a tax number and a VAT registration number, provide a suitable seat for your company.



What rights and obligations do the partners in EOOD/ OOD/ LTD. / LLC have?


When you establish a limited liability company, in addition to the basic elements such as the content of the Memorandum of Incorporation, the statutory minimum of the capital, the choice of a manager, you must be familiar with the rights and obligations of the partners in Ltd.

We can divide the rights mainly into individual and collective. We will first consider the individual ones, which are divided into property and non-property.



Procedure for publishing annual financial statements


The Accounting Act obliges every trader within the meaning of the Commercial Law, the non-profit legal entities and the rest enterprises to prepare and publish an Annual Financial Statement (AFS) for the previous year by September 30, as a certain range of entities which have not been carrying out activity during the reporting period are obliged to publish a declaration by June 30.

Who are obliged to publish an Annual Financial Statement (AFS)?

All enterprises registered under the Commercial Law are obliged to publish their annual financial statements in the Commercial Register. Such enterprises are the limited liability companies (EOOD, OOD), the joint-stock companies (EAD, AD), the sole traders (ET), the limited partnerships (KD) and the general partnerships (SD). The enterprises registered under the Obligations and Contracts Act do not publish their reports in the Commercial Register. The reports of these enterprises are published on a specialized website or in an economic publication. The non-profit legal entities publish their annual financial statements in the register of non-profit legal entities.



Publication of an Annual Financial Report/Annual Financial Statement in the Commercial Register - 30 EUR - all taxes included.


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